Olive Goil: Dana-Maxx

Olive Oyl recently sat down with fashion designer Dana-Maxx Pomerantz to discuss two of her favorite topics: fashion and Hollywood glamour! Dana-Maxx launched her eponymous line of women’s contemporary ready-to-wear clothing in 2007. Praised for its architectural silhouettes, rich pops of color and distinct use of materials, the line is beloved by chic, strong, edgy, feminine women. Naturally, Olive had to meet her!

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Olive Loves: FNO Designer Selects

The big day is drawing near my dears and I am all in tizzy trying to decide what a gal should wear to this fabulous event. As you know, I am playing host to a very special Fashion Night Out evening and all eyes, ( well, most eyes, anyway…or at least a few eyes), will be on me.

So what’s a girl to wear?

Well, here’s the thing. I have the distinct pleasure of sharing hosting duties alongside some supremely talented designers, all of whom make the most lovely clothes and accessories, an array of items that would be absolute perfection to showcase at the event.

So what do you think readers? What shall is be?

A stunning dress from Dana Maxx, it’s red hot, racy shade offset but the sweetest white lace collar? Perhaps I could match that elegant ensemble with a stunning black and white lizard skin clutch from Michelle Vale?

Or should I go streetwear and edgy and stand out from the crowds, with a sassy pair of Ashley Arrow leggings from Brit NYC under a Boy Meets Girl Expedition Utility Dress?

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

Stay tuned, my dears, for more options. I’m going to need your help!