Olive Yoga: Talking Yoga and Clean Living with Marci Zaroff

For the past several weeks, I have been talking to Marci Zaroff about yoga. Since this conversation, my yoga routine and philosophy toward living green and clean has blossomed like a spring flower. I have more energy, less stress and an overall sense of calm and promise about my future has taken root in my everyday life.

Without further delay, I would like to share the yoga pose that I have been practicing this week and share snippets from the glorious conversation I had with Marci.

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Olive Live: Developing A Yoga Philosophy

A few weeks ago, I talked with Marci Zaroff,  founder and President of Under the Canopy, about starting a yoga routine. An avid yoga practitioner, artist and passionate organic consumer, Marci followed up to see how was progressing in my yoga practice. “So far, so good,” I said. “But, I still have some starter questions.” As always, Marci was warm, gracious and generous in offering both her encouragement and advice.

"Om with Olive"

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