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Olive Goil: Elizabeth Lau

I am always so inspired by young and talented gals doing wonderful things. Those that I seem to have inspired, myself, especially inspire me!

Round and round it goes! Please remember, dear sisters, that it is very, very important that gals lift one another up, celebrate each other and help one another be the best they can be. (more…)

Live Olive: Fabulous Forties

As you know, I am a gal who has a love for all things fashion. I’m so lucky I have the opportunity to play dress up with some of the very finest vintage finds!

This better-off-red beauty of a dress is reminiscent of 1940’s fabulousness – a very Katherine Hepburn and Andrew Sisters sort of chic. The items of this ensemble were sourced at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and LA Vintage Exchange; two magical spots for anyone like me, with a soft spot for the classics.

Olive Goil: Olympia Le-Tan

Oooh la la! Le French!

Olympia Le-Tan is absolutely the crème de la crème of young Parisian designers, the daughter of a talented illustrator and an artist in her very own right!

Miss Le-Tan worked with all sorts of very fancy fashion folk before setting out on her own, making very exquisite limited edition bags that look like books! Olympia happens to be heavenly at embroidery and everything she touches has just the right dash of whimsy and imagination. (more…)

Olive Loves: Cherry Berry Swatch

My how time flies! Let me just say, I just so enjoying these little daydreams scribbled, to you, my dear friends of the wide world web!  Its been months now and I do hope I’ve made you just a little bit happy!

Today – I must swoon over Swatch, that old reliable and always fun and playful and colorful – keeper of time and date!

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