Olive Loves: Maison Michel’s Cat Hats

Every gal needs a nice hat, my dearies, and, in my opinion, the more decorative décor for your cabeza, the better! Whether for rainy days or special occasions, a woman in a fine cap is always a pleasure to behold. Don’t you agree?

I am a sucker for a sweet chapeau and have worn my share, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything quite as sweet at these dainty cat ears from Maison Michel!

Leave to the French to oooh la la me every time! Meow!



Live Olive: Laura Decker

Laura Decker

As you know I am an avid adventurer and can hoist a sail or saddle a wild pony or shake a tail feather as well as the next girl.

But my dears, let’s do take our hats off to lovelies like Miss Laura Dekker.

Hailing from Holland, Miss D. who is just 16 (!), traveled an amazing 27,000 nautical miles around the world  – all by her lonesome!

This January, Laura completed her truly astounding journey, after multiple stops in ports all around the globe.

As she pulled into her final destination of St. Maartens, the young adventurer said, “I have already learned very much about myself along the way.”

I am certain she has!

On behalf of unstoppable ladies everywhere, I’d like to give Sailor Dekker a hearty salute.


Ahoy my dears! The seas of life await!


Olive Goil: Elissa Steamer

Elissa Steamer

My lovelies, there are gals that really do inspire moí and Elissa Steamer is one of them!

A fearless, funny lady, Elissa is on the first girls ever to become a pro-skateboarder and continues to this day to put the boys to shame. She’s won medals and awards and spends her days traveling the world spreading the good news of girls on board…She is the princess of the park and she rolls like nobody’s business. Let’s give her a salute, shall we?

Here’s to women who rock the boat!

Elissa Steamer