Olive Loves: The Standard Hotel

Travel is all about adventure and new experiences and tales to tell when you return!

As you all know, I am a dedicated wanderer, a globetrotter extraordinaire, fond of roughing it on the high seas, exploring the deep, darkness of exotic jungles or traversing endless deserts on camelback.

But every once in a while, my lovelies, I do enjoy a touch of luxury and glamour.

Take my trip to the City of Angeles for instance, to Hollywood and shiny stars and palm trees and Tinseltown fabulousness. What better place to lay my weary head each eve than the amazing Standard Hotel, which, by the way, is anything but Standard.

Sun by the pool, chow down on burgers (Wimpy, you’d be jealous!), take a nice little nap inside the glass case by the check-in desk so that all can admire your beauty! Whimsical and fun, surreal in just the way, The Standard is a perfect reflection of one of my very favorite cities.

Where else can you surf the waves, climb the hills and put on a cocktail dress and dance ‘til dawn – all in one sweet day?

Viva Los Angeles!

Olive Goil: Zoe Bell


As you know, my dears, I am quite an athlete and always, also do my own stunts – be it dancing or cliff diving or swimming away from sharks … and I am therefore always impressed by young ladies who can do the same.

There is, in my mind, no better lady stunt person then the fabulous Miss Zoe Bell, a class act from New Zealand who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Miss Bell is the gal who rides the motorcycles, leaps off ledges and climbs astride two racing cars in Hollywood moves – all with total ease…

She is the one that makes it look easy for Hollywood starlets to appear as if they are capable of all that derring-do…

Oh, Zoe. Isn’t she just the grandest goil!?

Zoe Bell