Olive Loves: New York Fashion Week

Where do I begin? There is so much to tell my dears, and still so much yet to happen! As you know I am in the midst of Fashion Week wonderfulness here in my hometown of the Big Apple and having the most incredible time.

It’s been a flurry of hosting and chatting and socializing and gaping at a barrage of absolutely fantastic outfits and people!

The event last Thursday with Caravan for Save the Garment Center went absolutely swimmingly! I was just in heaven, up at the Sky Bar gallivanting with costume designers and celebrities and rockers and  DJs and fashion stars, looking out over the sparkling city and all of that fun,  for a good, good cause.

I know you are all wondering what I ended up wearing that night and here goes – for footwear I wore my adorable Jerome Rousseau’s and received so many compliments my head just may swell! As for wardrobe and other accessories, I snuck into the dressing room ever so often to switch out my ensemble so that I could showcase each and every one of the lovely talented designers who were at the party that evening.

What else? Well, it was wonderful, just that. I think the photos tell a better story than I!

Some other notable mentions of grand things to come… we’ll have an interview with the fine folks who head the Save the Garment Center initiatives in just a few days…and one of my fav filmmakers, Maximilla Lukacs (you may remember her from a diary entry a few moons ago!), is premiering her fashion film right her in NYC this week for designer Orla Kiely, so don’t miss out on that!

In the meantime, my dears, stay tuned as I cover the fashion show runways, cavort at after-parties and cocktail hours, and all and all feel like a pretty princess. I’ll be hosting and attending a bevy of events over the next few days, so please, please keep reading my lovelies, as there are plenty of juicy entries to come.

Farewell from fashion week!


Olive Loves: Jerome Rousseau

I am stepping out folks, kicking up my heels and strutting my stuff!

I am thrilled to share with you my absolute favorite, on-the-rise shoe designer – the incredibly creative, immensely talented Jerome Rousseau!

Mr. Rousseau hails from Montreal and makes his home in sunny L.A. and travels the world for inspiration – color, shape, everything he makes is wonderful – each of his shoes, so inspiring! These are whimsical, imaginative designs that make me downright swoon.

I am absolutely in love with every single shoe this young, handsome impresario produces, from his towering high heels to his kick butt boots to his pumps with sweet bows and ribbons.

But if you really want to awe the crowds – why not go for firework sparkle?

These perfect, midnight black, sultry, shimmering, pair of heels simply cannot be beat – especially if, like me,  you want to stand out and take names.

Oh Jerome! How I love thee!