Olive Goil: Radarte

Rodarte is the absolutely beautiful brainchild of not one, but two fabulous gals – sisters in fact – whose eye for color and cut and unexpected and matchless looks, has made their fashion line one of the most fascinating in the whole wide world!

Miss Kate and Laura Mulleavy grew up exploring and adventuring from their California home, cutting and pasting and building and wandering through Sierra forests or Big Sur cliffsides. Now all grown up, The Mulleavy’s have conquered the fickle fashionistas and charmed clothes lovers everywhere.

This is a duo that knows a thing or two about glam and glitter and glitz and they have dressed many a bright starlet in their signature designs. But they are also good at cozy knits and amazing shoes and art collaborations that stray far outside the boundaries of ordinary clothing.

Today  the lovely ladies design costumes for operas and uniforms for Olympic athletes, create magical installations in museums and work on books and journals and other sorts of sweet storytelling, which captures their very experimental, very California aesthetic.

Ah California! The Golden State! I have been there many times my friends, and I never grow weary. Ocean, mountain, desert – and of course, the streets of Tinseltown, where I have strutted my stuff time and time again!

If I had my way, my dears, I would be wearing Rodarte, every single day! The fantabulous gowns for the nights when I am belle of the ball, or their pretty, flirty dresses for waving from the dock to my handsome man Popeye, just as he’s sailing back home.

No matter what creations I donned from these endlessly imaginative sisters, I can guarantee you, I’d always be looking both chic and unique!

Check them out at rodarte.com

Olive Loves: Rodarte Pony Hair Belt

The brilliant designers Rodarte are two sweet sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, who are in love with California sunshine and pretty, lacey, delicate things and hot desert sands and giant condors flapping black wings against a blue sky and cold white mountaintops …and…in short – everything good in this world!

Like two fabulous magicians they take their myriad of inspirations and pull something wonderful out of their glossy satin top hats  – amazing knits and flowing gowns and dainty dresses and now – this bright red pony hair belt, that leaves me, frankly – utterly speechless.