Olive Loves: THVM Jeans

There are jeans, and then there are JEANS.

Now, let me make clear my dears – I am a denim lover all around. There is nothing like dressing up or dressing down that absolutely well loved and well-worn pair of jeans and feeling finally like yourself again.

I am a denim democrat darlings. I warmly, happily embrace any and all styles hewn in this classic, comfortable, eternally fashionable – fabric.

Give me boyfriend jeans, tapered leg, capris, bellbottoms, high waisted or hip hugging – all of them sound good…and look good – on me.

But, give me THVM Atelier jeans and I am over the moon.

Creating denim beauties in a stunning array of washes and colors and shapes and sizes, each one more flattering than the next – this Los Angeles-based denim company makes nothing less than wearable art.

Saffrons, rusts, pale petal blues, cropped, sleek, and form fitting, THVM are true denim geniuses. Creative, imaginative young designers that manage take the limitations of working in one fabric and dream up an array of awesomeness that you must see and try on – to believe.

Olive Loves: Jerome Rousseau

I am stepping out folks, kicking up my heels and strutting my stuff!

I am thrilled to share with you my absolute favorite, on-the-rise shoe designer – the incredibly creative, immensely talented Jerome Rousseau!

Mr. Rousseau hails from Montreal and makes his home in sunny L.A. and travels the world for inspiration – color, shape, everything he makes is wonderful – each of his shoes, so inspiring! These are whimsical, imaginative designs that make me downright swoon.

I am absolutely in love with every single shoe this young, handsome impresario produces, from his towering high heels to his kick butt boots to his pumps with sweet bows and ribbons.

But if you really want to awe the crowds – why not go for firework sparkle?

These perfect, midnight black, sultry, shimmering, pair of heels simply cannot be beat – especially if, like me,  you want to stand out and take names.

Oh Jerome! How I love thee!