Olive Loves: New York Fashion Week

Where do I begin? There is so much to tell my dears, and still so much yet to happen! As you know I am in the midst of Fashion Week wonderfulness here in my hometown of the Big Apple and having the most incredible time.

It’s been a flurry of hosting and chatting and socializing and gaping at a barrage of absolutely fantastic outfits and people!

The event last Thursday with Caravan for Save the Garment Center went absolutely swimmingly! I was just in heaven, up at the Sky Bar gallivanting with costume designers and celebrities and rockers and  DJs and fashion stars, looking out over the sparkling city and all of that fun,  for a good, good cause.

I know you are all wondering what I ended up wearing that night and here goes – for footwear I wore my adorable Jerome Rousseau’s and received so many compliments my head just may swell! As for wardrobe and other accessories, I snuck into the dressing room ever so often to switch out my ensemble so that I could showcase each and every one of the lovely talented designers who were at the party that evening.

What else? Well, it was wonderful, just that. I think the photos tell a better story than I!

Some other notable mentions of grand things to come… we’ll have an interview with the fine folks who head the Save the Garment Center initiatives in just a few days…and one of my fav filmmakers, Maximilla Lukacs (you may remember her from a diary entry a few moons ago!), is premiering her fashion film right her in NYC this week for designer Orla Kiely, so don’t miss out on that!

In the meantime, my dears, stay tuned as I cover the fashion show runways, cavort at after-parties and cocktail hours, and all and all feel like a pretty princess. I’ll be hosting and attending a bevy of events over the next few days, so please, please keep reading my lovelies, as there are plenty of juicy entries to come.

Farewell from fashion week!


Live Olive: Maximilla

Today, my dears, I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Miss Maximilla Lukacs – filmmaker and visual artist of the highest order and a sweet gal to boot.

Like moí, Miss Maximilla is a gypsy wanderer, an adventuress of land and sea and sky, and an explorer of the outer worlds and the inner mind.

Take seat ladies, and listen up!

Q: What inspired you as a child artistically?

A: Drawing mostly. I loved to draw so much as a child that I drew all over my parents’ hallway in communist Budapest, Hungary. Huge scribbles as tall as I probably was at the time. All over their nice wallpaper. I guess I needed to express myself and I guess in a show of support they left the drawings up for a long time.  As a child the thing you love to do the most is create imaginary worlds. So for me not much has changed. I have found a way to make that my job.

Q: What do you love most about the filmmaking process?

A: I really love that through films you can take entire worlds that are imagined in your head and turn them into a reality that you can share with others. It really is magical. And through the process you get to collaborate with so many other talented artists that end up making that world even richer and more beautiful.

I started off painting and drawing which is a very lonely, isolating process but you have control over every minute detail. With filmmaking there is a beautiful chaos to it that over time you learn to surf and sculpt. So strangely the thing I love the most about the filmmaking process is those chance elements that come with working with others and working with nature and light and music. Bring on the beautiful chaos!

Also, there is something of the unspoken, unwritten. There is an experiential quality to film that can only happen in that medium. Those moments of watching a film that make you feel something so specific yet it cannot be described in words. I love that! I strive for that.

Q: Favorite women filmmakers? 

Sadly there are not too many women filmmakers to point to.  They are more absent from the film dialogue as makers than almost any other art form. But I know that is changing as we speak.

My favorites are Maya Deren and Vera Chytilova. Maya Deren’s films offer such a unique and feminine vision that I feel is lacking from the language if film in general. Her surrealist vision and the way she plays with time and with movement is incredible. She is a true visionary!

And Vera Chytilova made one of my favorite films of all time “Daisies”. There is so much experimentation going on in the film in terms of her craft.  But also the main characters in the film, two young girls who are so defiant and show a side to girls that I don’t think had been properly portrayed in film up to that point. (It was banned upon its initial release due to its depictions of wasting food!)

In the film the girls decide that since the world has gone bad they are going bad and the adventures that unfold are truly amazing antics. There is some really experimental storytelling going on in the film.  She uses the tossing of flower wreaths to transition from one scene to another in a way that is so gracefully psychedelic.

Now this brings me to the next person I want to talk about who I think is doing amazing work today and that is Lena Dunham who directed “Tiny Furniture” and is now doing the TV show “Girls”.

I think she is showing a side of young girls that is so honest and refreshing and completely absent from mainstream culture.

I think women need to enter the very important cultural dialogue of film. I think the world needs a prismatic point of view in 2012 and women and people from more impoverished cultures with fewer resources are part of that.  Culturally we need a full spectrum representation of the human experience. Film plays a crucial role in that. It is a mirror we must hold up to ourselves as a species. Our films tell us so much about what is going on with our collective soul. With our collective consciousness. I think this is a very exciting time to be alive!

Wren F/W 12 “Beware of Young Girls” from Maximilla Lukacs on Vimeo.