Olive Loves: ACB Jewelry

As you know, I am a simple girl with simple tastes, happy with my sailor man and my seaside life, but this does not mean that I forgo luxury or beauty. In fact, I am a sucker, dear readers on the world wide web, for a fine piece of jewelry.

I like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and belts – of all sorts. I like them in silver and pearls and sparkling diamonds, rubies and gold and sapphire and emerald. In short, I have the softest spot for anything that drips and shines and can be worn in a ship’s ballroom for midnight rendezvous.

But you know this about me already, don’t you?

Today, I am shouting from the rooftops about an amazing designer of dazzling accouterments – made just for ladies like me, who wish to deck ourselves out like Cleopatra, from time and time… and want to be treated like the queens we are – ALL the time.

Annie Costello Brown, the creative force behind ACB, was trained as painter and it shows – her pieces are lovely and abstract and endlessly imaginative. She works in strong materials like leather and brass and crystal and there is an earthiness to her jewelry, but elegance too.

I am left simply breathless by her designs, and you dear reader, will be too.

Take a look at her work and just see if you can resist.

Live Olive: Interview with Cat Solen

Today is yet another very special day my dearest online readers, because I am oh so lucky enough to be interviewing one of my very favorite artists and filmmakers – the beautiful Cat Solen.

This gal has some seriously incredible talent, so sit back and behold! The maker of magical films, music videos and visual art, Cat has the kind of boundless imagination that inspires and excites and thrills.

Take a close look at the endless array of whimsical, lovely and heartbreakingly beautiful images that come out of her clever mind and you will be as smitten as I!

Miss Solen shares a few of her secrets below…

Q: What inspired you as a child artistically?

A: I think it started with a combination of my grandmother encouraging me to draw, and my parents showing me old movies. I didn’t come from a household full of avid art lovers. My folks, and their folks are very working class. I was lucky enough that they just happened to love classic cinema. As a kid, my Dad made me watch Citizen Kane, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, and National Velvet. My Mom made me watch musicals. I would go hang out with my grandmother and paint while watching soap operas. When I was finally old enough to be up late by myself (I was about 9 or 10) I would stay up all night watching Nick-at-Nite and drawing. I loved drawing so much that I started taking all types of art classes. I kept taking them until I graduated from The School of the Art Institute in 2003.

Q: What do you love most about the filmmaking process?

A: Making movies is all I want to do with my life. I love every single second of it more than I love anything in the world. I think that drawing storyboards and planning a look for a piece are my favorite parts of pre-production. As far as actual production goes I love being on set more than anything, it’s absolutely incredible to watch a group of experienced people on set. Everyone becomes a cog, a crucial part of a big machine. It’s very provocative and beautiful. It’s like things that I think you can only really see in nature. Like a beehive. Everyone is so focused on making this one thing work one tiny piece at a time, all with the bigger picture floating thickly in the air around everything. It’s truly the best thing in the world, to me.

In post, you get to the edit room and you get to make it all work! It’s like when you finally get to mop the floor after a giant spring-cleaning, or moving day. It feels like everything is settling perfectly. Like everything is going to be ok. Whenever I finish a project I think, “Man! That took so much of me! How did I do that? How will I ever do that again?” I go home, I fall asleep… And I wake up the next morning dying to start something new.

Q: Desert island movie?

A: Definitely Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Every time I see that movie, it’s like seeing it for the first time.

Diana Joy – The White Loop


CSS – Let’s Make Love…

Olive Goil: Coco Morier

Oh how I love a great pop song!

Take a listen, my dears, to Coco Morier, who is just simply the best at writing utterly infectious ditties for the big stars to sing out loud. Miss Morier is a songwriter and musician whose amazing tracks are exactly the tunes you need for shaking a tail feather on the dance floor.

She is also an avid adventurer like moí, a world explorer and traveler, raised in the wilds of New Mexico and spending time in Berlin before settling in the hills of Los Angeles.

She’s written hits for the likes of Britney Spears and played guitar with Charlotte Gainsbourg, but her new album is all her own and the result is the most gleefully fun collection of tracks you’ve heard in far too long!

So lovelies, let’s dance!

Olive Loves: Corto Moltedo

It is very important, my dearest dearies, to have a sense of humor. Life simply demands one.

If you can’t answer adversity with a smile, well then, you better be prepared for trouble.

I don’t know about you, but I like to surround myself with anything that makes me laugh and well, this amazing Corto Moltedo bag is just about the most wonderful and whimsical accessory I’ve ever seen.

Shaped like an old fashioned recording tape (remember those) and colored the bluest of blue, there is simply no way you could carry this clutch without occasionally – cracking up.

And yet, somehow it’s elegant too, don’t you agree? This bag perfect for kicking it up on the dance floor or djing the decks or just sashaying down the street secure in the knowledge that you’re the most fashionable… and funniest – gal in town.