Olive Loves: Mark Fast Sandstorm Crocheted Dress

There are dresses… and then there are dresses that absolutely thrill – gorgeous, sumptuous numbers, that once donned, will make a gal feel like a queen.

This utterly amazing golden crocheted dress by designer Mark Fast is one of the latter – a stunning, shimmering, gilded wonder that makes me just swoon each time I look at it.

Imagine wearing this at a dark and smoky speakeasy or on the nightclub stage or out on the town – flapping the fringe and showing some leg and kicking up your heels like the dance floor darling you are!

Mr. Fast is a Canadian boy done good in London, England, a tremendously talented gent who designs clothes for fabulous folks like Rhianna and such. But  even if you are not a pop star my dears, you can at least look like one, (and be one in your own mind!) when you’re wearing a dress like this.

Wow!  Just – wow.


Live Olive: June Jumper

Let’s polka!

You know me, my dears – I am, have always been and will always be, just a straight-up smack dab sucker for a polka dot – no matter what the occasion.

This sweet June romper is the absolute perfect one piece for those hot days ahead, a black and white frilly little number topped off with an utterly innocent pure white bow. But while it might be schoolgirl on top, this romper has a flashy short shorts style below that shows off my long lean legs…and very nicely too, thank you very much.

Add a classic patent leather pump and you’ve got my flirtiest ensemble to date – a fun, playful, barely there, body accentuating look, that suits the summer me just right.

Take a look at my outfit inspiration board on Pinterest!


Olive Goil: Sarah Sze

I simply adore a summer’s day stroll through a fine museum or boutique gallery, don’t you? It is my sincerest belief, dearest readers, that the world is a better place in large part because there are so many pretty pictures in it…and paintings and sculptures and illustrations etc. etc. Oh, I could go on!

But step up and take a look my lovelies – at the fine creations of the talented Miss Sarah Sze.

Miss Sze is a young lady, but already world renown, having won a slew of prizes and grants and such.  Her work is displayed all over the world, in high falutin’ collections everywhere – from The Whitney to Museum of Modern Art to the prestigious Walker Art Center.

Miss Sze’s absolutely amazing artwork seems to come from another dimension – a land of wild and witty, creativity. It is a place where space and color are slightly skewed and tweaked and most definitely, dreamlike.

Her pieces straddle the lines of architecture and painting and sculpture and transform everyday objects into something sublime and lovely. Cotton balls and tea bags, water bottles and step ladders, light bulbs and electric fans, all these are put to good use, evolving from practical things into elegant and utterly engaging art.

She is delightfully prolific and utterly unbridled by silly things like weight or genre. In Sze’s whimsical world, objects poke from the ceiling or spiral out and up into the air or bend or fly or defy that pesky law of gravity – all in a wonderfully unexpected manner.

Olive Goil: Lena Dunham

My dears, Miss Lena Dunham is a force to be reckoned with, am I right?

With her hit film Tiny Furniture, she showed a side of us gals that had not been revealed before on film, -creating a raw, witty, and unabashed look at what it’s like to be a woman.

And now, with her hit HBO series “Girls” Dunham has done the same, bringing to television a no-nonsense, no holds barred exploration of ladies trying their best in the big city.  The show is funny, goofy, and most of all, bracingly honest. Even if “Girls” is exactly not your cup of tea, it’s very hard to argue with the wonderful intelligence of the dialogue and biting awareness in the writing and performance.

I am a die-hard flapper/ feminist, as you all know. I like to dance and I like to shout out loud praises, to strong women, round the world.  So it only goes to say, I am utterly thrilled that a young women like Dunham, (she just 26!) is making her way, paving the road, and kicking down doors in film and TV.

The latter being still a bit of a “no woman’s” land, don’t you agree?

That said, my sweet readers, I feel it is my duty to continually introduce all of you fine folks, to gals like Miss D, who make the rest of our lives that much better through their smarts and talent.

Kudos to Miss Dunham and her cast-mates and crew for running such a tight and wonderfully whimsical ship!