Olive Loves: KiraKira Jewelry

I recently discovered the beautiful jewelry line, KiraKira, which was created by designer and founder, Suz Somersall in 2007. Ms. Somersall studied jewelry and metal smithing in Italy and Japan. In 2011, Suz moved to New York City, where she partnered with Whitney Blake to grow the company into what it is today.

KiraKira now has three distinct lines, the ‘KiraKira’ collection of fashion jewelry, the ‘Luxe’ collection of luxury and bridal jewelry, and the ‘Suz Somersall’ collection of handbags. KiraKira’s aesthetic is modern but nostalgic, often sourcing inspiration from the nature and architecture of the world’s most exotic locations.


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Olive Loves: Sweet Generation Bakes Cupcakes for a Cause

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, I would like to introduce you to Amy Chasan, the founder and chief do-gooder of Sweet Generation, an online custom bakery. But, Sweet Generation is more than just a bakery! Amy and her team generate funds to increase access to Arts Education for children. In fact, a portion of every sale is donated to Arts Education, so customers are literally Helping With Every Helping! Amy believes that cupcakes and craftiness can save the world. After one look at her artistic cupcakes, I can’t argue with her. She is helping to promote the importance of Arts Education, one delicious cupcake (and warm batch of cookies) at a time.

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Olive Loves: Rae

For those of you who are just getting to know me, I am an avid traveler who has been all around the world. From 2011 to 2012, I lived in California but I recently moved to New York City. During New York Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting New York-based designer  Denise Gertmenian. I discovered that she has California roots and now lives in New York too. We had a delightful conversation about the differences between living on both coasts, and I thought I would share her thoughts on West Coast vs. East Coast fashion styles. She was a breath of fresh air, and dare I say, a “rae” of light in New York’s fashion world!

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