Live Olive: Interview with Kara Lusardi of Bobi

Olive: Hello, my dear! It is so great to meet you. I thought it would be nice to get to know one another. There is no question about it, you are both beautiful AND stylish.  Who are your personal style icons?

Kara: Thanks, Olive! I like Gwen Stefani, Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Moss.

Olive: Each of their ladies definitely have their own unique style. Personally, I like Kate Moss’ fashion sense more than Gwen and Mary Kate…but that’s just me!  Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Can you think of someone else who best embodies Rachel’s statement?

Kara: I think Sofia Vergara embodies this statement more then anyone. Her staple Jessica Rabbit dresses work for her and she lets her smile and personality do the rest. It is iconic to have a signature look.

Olive: Well, it is very obvious to everyone who is anyone that Sofia Vergara and I have a lot in common…not! If you were to dress ME, what would you recommend?

Read the full interview with Kara here

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Olive Goil: Dana-Maxx

Olive Oyl recently sat down with fashion designer Dana-Maxx Pomerantz to discuss two of her favorite topics: fashion and Hollywood glamour! Dana-Maxx launched her eponymous line of women’s contemporary ready-to-wear clothing in 2007. Praised for its architectural silhouettes, rich pops of color and distinct use of materials, the line is beloved by chic, strong, edgy, feminine women. Naturally, Olive had to meet her!

Read the full interview with Dana-Maxx.

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Olive Goil: Rachel Craven

My oh my! The last days have been hectic haven’t they? September went by in a blur and October has suddenly arrived all burnt orange sun and clear skies. It is time to settle down and howl at the harvest moon, take stock on the past year, and settle in on the slow march toward the holidays.

I don’t know about you my dears, but I am ready for some relaxing. Ready for some long hikes and empty afternoons and long, leisurely dinners with good friends and fine wines.

This is where Rachel Craven come in. A New York born, L.A. residing artist and former fashion stylist, Miss Craven has created her own line of absolutely darling textiles, each beautifully designed in a spare, sweet, and stunning manner.

Neon arrows, geometric flourishes, unexpected embellishments, all strewn across fine linen table clothes, bedspreads, scarves and napkins. Each of Miss Craven’s unique and lovely pieces somehow calms and comforts the mind – the sparkling, soothing lines of pale fabrics – each enlivened with the subtlest of shades.

These incredible piece are perfect for those Sunday brunches, for Thanksgiving, for any day when you feel like you want a touch of fresh and easy grace added to a meal, or merely to throw across your shoulders.

Thank you Miss Craven, for being yet another creative powerhouse lady, and for making work that is making our lives – that much more beautiful.

Olive Look: Pretty Vintage

My dears, today I am feeling sexy secretary or sophisticated boss lady, ready to file those papers, take on the boardroom and whip you all into ship shape.

What better ensemble for a day like today then this sweet and smart combo of a lacy vintage shirt, a delicate and flirty, with a jet black skirt and vibrant red and white scarf that say ‘kicking butt and taking names”!

Add a pair of simple, classic black ballet flats and you’ve got the ultimate, at work 9-5 and beyond combo.  Time to ask for that raise!