Live Olive: Meet Kanan Kapila, Co-Founder of Jaipure Yoga

My ongoing series of National Yoga Month interviews continues with Kanan Kapila, yoga instructor (E-RYT 500) and co-founder of JaiPure Yoga, who thoughtfully approaches Yoga as an art form. She believes, through meaningful teachings and powerful practice, that yoga creatively informs us that we can strengthen and refine the shape and quality of our body and mind.

“The brilliance of yoga is the perfect function of energy designed to assist our true nature ~ to dwell in joy. Yoga can uplift and color our connection with each other and our sense of self, creating an oasis that radiates,” she writes on her website.

For Kanan, yoga is an artful way to inspire and potentiate well-being.

Kanan Headshot

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Olive Live: Developing A Yoga Philosophy

A few weeks ago, I talked with Marci Zaroff,  founder and President of Under the Canopy, about starting a yoga routine. An avid yoga practitioner, artist and passionate organic consumer, Marci followed up to see how was progressing in my yoga practice. “So far, so good,” I said. “But, I still have some starter questions.” As always, Marci was warm, gracious and generous in offering both her encouragement and advice.

"Om with Olive"

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